Normal,]Your doctor has recommended a diet for your child which is designed to lower blood cholesterol. Decreasing the amount of cholesterol and saturated fat that your child eats can lower his or her blood cholesterol and, hopefully, lower risk of cardiovascular disease in later life. The recommendations made below will require some changes in what your child eats and how it is prepared. To insure your child's compliance with these recommendations, it is essential that meals for the whole family be prepared according to these guidelines. This way your child will not feel singled out. Careful adherence to this plan at home will help balance the inevitable intake of less desirable foods outside the home. Following these recommendations will result in a diet lower in cholesterol and saturated fat:


Eat fish, shellfish and more poultry more frequently.

Trim visible fat from meats and poultry before and after cooking. Use only lean cuts of meat.

Bake, broil or grill rather than fry.

Limit egg yolks to 2 per week. This includes egg used in food prep.(Egg whites are not limited.)

Offer skim or 1% low fat dairy products.

Substitute tub margarine for butter.


Read food labels carefully:

Look carefully at the kinds of fats and oils used in a product.  Avoid those products that contain saturated fats such as coconut oil, palm oil, palm kernel oil,lard and butter. If a product contains"vegetable shortening" but does not   disclose the oil(s)it was made from, you must assume it is saturated fat. Don't  believe that "cholesterol free" on the label means it's good for your child's diet. Many products with no cholesterol contain large amounts of saturated fat.Acceptable oils include: safflower,sunflower,corn,soybean,    
cottonseed,canola,olive, and peanut.

Offer fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds(age 3 and above)as snacks



FOOD           --------         SUGGESTED SUBSTITION

Milk: whole or 2%   .....     Skim milk or 1% low fat

Whole milk yogurt   ......    Non-fat or low fat yogurt

Cream                   .,,,,,..,, Evaporated skim milk

Sour cream            .........  Non-fat or low fat yogurt

Whipped cream-       .....   Whipped evaporated skim milk

Cheese               ...........  Limited amounts of part skim cheese  
with less
than 5 grams
fat per1 oz.wt.

Non-dairy           ........    Whipped evaporated skim milk or      
whipped topping free
of coconut oil
palm kernel oil



Bacon                  ......... Lean ham

Salt pork           .........    Lean ham

Fried foods        ........     Baked, broiled or grilled foods

Sausage, salami,  .....      Lean meats, skinless poultry,         
fish pepperoni

Luncheon meats     ....    Lean sliced meats such as turkey, turkey

Frankfurters         .......   Chicken or turkey frankfurters

Pasta with cheese   . ...   Pasta with marinara sauce and lean    
meat, no cheese

Pizza               .........    Blot oil, limit portion size and frequency

Poultry             ........    Skinless poultry

Chocolate candy  ....     Diet candy or apple

Pie, pastry        ......     Fresh fruit or home prepared pie or 
pastry from appropriate

Cookies, crackers  ..     low fat low calorie (limited amount)   
Read labels carefully
and select only


               limit portions **

Snack chips        ...     Pretzels or fat free popcorn

Ice cream          ....     Ice milk, low fat frozen yogurt,
fruit  ices(low fat)
sherbet(without cream)


and french toast-  ..     Prepare egg whites or eggs  (broiled)


Fast food:

Fried foods        ....     Select a plain burger and juice, or
soda saladswith
only low fat salad dressings